At CrossFit Paladin, we believe in the CrossFit methodology and have seen amazing results with our athletes because of it. We do not “bias” our training toward Olympic lifting (although we love it) or toward Endurance (although we also love it) or towards Gymnastics (Even though it may be our favorite). We simply program constantly varied, functional movements, which we perform at high intensities and that is individualized to you. CrossFit movements are universal, compound, core to extremity patterns that are found in everyday life, i.e. lifting a heavy object from the floor and lifting to an overhead shelf.  They are natural, safe, and efficient ways of moving external objects and they are essential to maintaining a good quality of life.  CrossFit training can benefit people in all walks of life: everyone from competitive athletes and fitness junkies to grandparents who want to stay active with small children.

We do believe that hard work pays off and extra work pays more! If you wish to do extra work on anything, we have the coaches to help you. We offer Competitor’s training programs for those interested in doing more!


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