Erika Barrios

Hello my name is Erika, as a teenager I was always active, and fortunately enough it was easy for me to keep weight off.  In my 20’s I had my child and weight still was not an issue, but somewhere in my 30’s after getting married, something happened, life got in the way, and I began to gain weight.

I had a few gym memberships, but like many people, I would walk into the gym, and look around trying to figure out what I needed to be doing to get back into shape.  I began researching other avenues of fitness to pursue and that is when I became interested in CrossFit.  After a few years of trying to talk my husband into trying CrossFit, he finally agreed, and that is when my journey began.

I found CrossFit Paladin, and I can say that is the best decision I have ever made when it comes to my fitness.  The coaches at CrossFit Paladin are knowledgeable, and the members are great and encouraged me everyday.  Melissa and Jasper worked with me, and pushed me further than I thought was possible, and I could never be more grateful.  Everyday the coaches go over every workout, and take the time to work with each individual to make sure everyone is making the right choices.  It has been great to not have to worry about what to do, unlike a regular gym, at CrossFit Paladin the daily workouts are planned out, so all you have to do is put in the effort.

I learned to be patient, and work hard in the gym, I focused on being consistent at going to the gym, and once I got that down, I began working on my nutrition.  Once the consistency in the gym, and the nutrition came together is when the results really started to show, and the weight just started falling off.   CrossFit Paladin helped me to rediscover my joy for running and being active. To this date I have lost a total of 59 pounds, and just completed my first Spartan Race.


Amanda Chacon

I’d seen CrossFit on TV and it looked really intimidating. Melissa convinced me to try it. She emphasized how everything in CrossFit can be modified to any fitness level. I’m so glad I faced my fear of failure and listened to Melissa. I was on anti-depressants and hated my body when I started. CrossFit Paladin changed all of that for me.I no longer take anti-depressants and I’m starting to love my body. It’s not perfect, but I am so much stronger than I was and I have some definition in places that surprise me. I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and about 25 pounds. I have so much more confidence and joy in my life now. My husband and I both attend CrossFit Paladin. It’s brought us closer because we have a shared hobby and more stuff to talk about.

The CrossFit workouts are short and sweet and a little addicting. I usually go 4-5 days a week and hate to miss. I never went to a regular gym that often. I sometimes laugh at my old self. I would slave away on the treadmill and go to group classes to lift a measly 35 pounds with horrible form. I made little or no progress that way. Now, I actually enjoy my shorter workouts and I’m truly seeing results. I don’t ever have to talk myself into working out like I did when I went to a regular gym. I will never go back to a regular gym.

The coaching staff at CrossFit Paladin is top notch. They are humble, which is really important to me. Not one of them is the show-off type. Also, Melissa is so much more than a coach. She is like a therapist, nutritionist, nurse, cheerleader and mom. She will give you advice about anything. She is the heart and soul of CrossFit Paladin. She really cares about all of us and it shows. You have to try CrossFit Paladin. Face your fear and just do it.


Matt Barber

I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years, but only began to be dedicated in October 2013, thanks to CrossFit Paladin. The coaches here began some in house competitions and challenges that really made me take a look at what I wanted out of the rest of my life regarding my fitness level.

In October 2013, we began a body fat % loss competition and in 1 month, I went from 24% body fat to around 17% and dropped 11 pounds of fat.

In January 2014, we began a Whole 30 challenge where I went down even further in my body fat to 11.4%. I have never had this low of a body fat percentage and am now striving to get into the single digits, thanks to this gym. I have taken my 1.5 mile run from 12:26 to close to 10:00, my max pull-ups from 10 to 28, and all my lifts have increased dramatically.

All of my weight loss and muscle gains while at CrossFit Paladin have been without any supplements outside of Proteins, which is another thing I like about this place. They strongly urge you to avoid taking anything that is not a natural product to prevent long term effects to your body. Everything here is based on your own God given ability; you will be surprised just what your full potential is with some dedication and determination to not quit on yourself.

The coaches at CrossFit Paladin are genuinely concerned about your health and not what is going into their pocket books. They will get you involved and make you feel like you are part of the family here. All the Paladins are very good at welcoming new people and you will never be looked down on for trying something new, as long as you’re trying.


Russell Thompson

I recently had the opportunity to try out for the Lubbock Police department’s SWAT team. As part of the tryout process, I had to run a mile-and-a-half in under 11:20, complete a mile long obstacle course, and complete various other mental and physical tasks.  To begin with, I have never run that fast in my life. In order to pass, I needed to take off over a minute for my run time alone. Jasper and Melissa took extra time and tailored workouts specifically for me. Both kept their thumbs on me and showered me with support for several months. Melissa even held my kiddo while coaching me when I was in a pinch. During this process, they most importantly, helped me to improve my diet. In the end, I lost 35lbs before tryouts.

I made the SWAT Team and passed the run with flying colors. Needless to say I couldn’t have made it without Jasper and Melissa and all their support.

I love this Box. When I’m here, I get what a CrossFit community is all about. I never leave my class without laughing and having fun. Melissa and Jasper are great coaches and even greater friends. Thank you for everything.


John Hayes

Some friends of mine were involved in CrossFit and tried to talk me in to it for a while. I gave in and started in October of 2012. I went to CrossFit Paladin and had a life changing experience!!!! Not only due to CrossFit, but in large part due to Jasper and Melissa, the owners and coaches there. They are both awesome and were always willing to give me pointers and extra help on anything from the main CrossFit movements to nutrition. They kept me motivated and made me want to succeed and do better at everything. CrossFit is awesome and CrossFit Paladin is even better!!!! I try and talk all of my friends in to trying CrossFit the Paladin way!!


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