Another big month of great attendance, and by no coincidence another huge month for people reaching their goals!!  Let's buckle down and commit to keeping this momentum through the busy holiday time. Wouldn't it be great to already have a jump on next year's resolutions?! Schedule that gym time, or it'll always be hard to find.   October Gold Star Club members are... Becca Gonzales- 37 visits Cameron Smith- 27 visits Diana Smith- 25 visits Maira Gonzalez- 24 visits Brandon Burleson- 23 visits Arley Bonin- 23 visits D. Gilson- 23 visits Stephanie Fisher- 22 visits Nathan Lashaway- 22 visits Jenny Balko- 21 visits Kayla Balko- 21 visits Kendra Hendrick- 21 visits Kara Balko- 20 visits Kyle Galyean- 20 visits Kim Hayes- 20 visits James Omandi- 20 visits   Congrats to all of these members for finding a way to get it done!!! Let's see an even longer list for November!

Here are September's Gold Star Club Members: Cameron Smith- 34 visits Jenny Balko- 22 visits Becca Gonzales- 21 visits Brandon Burleson- 21 visits Diana Smith- 20 visits Arley Bonin- 20 visits Maira Gonzalez- 20 visits Kendra Hendrick- 20 visits   Congrats to these members for their dedication to health, fitness, and improvement!! Keep it up, and hope to see you all on here for October as well! For those of you newer members, Gold Star status is achieved with 20 or more separate visits to the gym in the month, they can even be in the same day (but have to be separate visits, as in 4:30 class and extra work at 5:30 still counts as one visit). Be sure to sign in to class to get credit for being there!!

We had 18 people attend 20 or more classes in August! And a few that missed by just 1 visit, I bet they can make it happen in September!   Cameron Smith- 34 visits Jenny Balko- 27 visits Kim Hayes- 24 visits Bea Omondi- 24 visits James Omondi- 24 visits Maira Gonzalez- 23 visits Garrott Nalle- 23 visits Erica Clark- 22 visits Brandon Burleson- 22 visits Diana Smith- 22 visits Shannon Galyean- 22 visits Nathan Lashaway- 21 visits Desirae Quijada- 21 visits Carrie Penney- 21 visits Kendra Hendrick- 21 visits Kyle Galyean- 20 visits Erika Barrios- 20 visits Dustin Wimmer- 20 visits   Congrats to all of these members for their consistent attendance!! As we begin the school year, let's ditch any excuses we've been using and schedule that gym time- and hold ourselves to it! It should be a priority, a plan, a routine. It should  not be an afterthought ;-)

Curious about CrossFit? Just moved to Lubbock and looking for a box? Take advantage of this great Back to School special: One month of unlimited classes for just $49! After that, our college student rate is just $85/month for unlimited classes, NO CONTRACT!! And for a limited time, we will extend the student rate to all teachers/professors! There's no better time to start CrossFit than right now! Come in and see us, or email for more information. Offer expires 9/2/17, don't miss out!   *New members only. $49 for the first month, after that the monthly rate is $85 ($25 savings per month off our regular month-to-month rate!)  

We decreased the number of visits to qualify for Gold Star status in July to 15 due to limited class times, and we had a bunch of you make it (and a few of you still qualified under the standard 20 visits)! Diana Smith- 21 visits Mikela Bryant**- 20 visits (and all the weeks prego!) Jenny Balko- 20 visits Kyle Galyean- 19 visits Shannon Galyean- 18 visits Shane Bryant**- 18 visits Nathan Lashaway**- 18 visits Cameron Smith**- 17 visits Hollie Stanton**- 17 visits Kim Hayes- 17 visits Erika Barrios**- 17 visits Dustin Wimmer**- 17 visits Desirae Quijada- 16 visits Maira Gonzalez- 16 visits Anthony Barrios- 15 visits Justin Kime**- 15 visits Brandon Burleson- 15 visits   Those with ** by their name qualified for Gold Star Plus by logging at least 4 of the At Home or At the Gym workouts on Beyond the Whiteboard that we programmed during the week we were gone! Great job to all, way to put in work!          

Time to recognize all the members that managed to find a way to get to the gym at least 20 times in a month! Way to make it happen!   Stephanie Fisher- 27 visits Brandon Burleson- 23 visits Kim Hayes- 22 visits Arley Bonin- 22 visits Kendra Hendrick- 22 visits Erica Clark- 21 visits Nathan Lashaway- 21 visits Tasia Arnold- 20 visits Cameron Smith- 20 visits Diana Smith- 20 visits   Congrats to you all! Side note: since we will have a week of limited class times in July, the Gold Star Club requirement will be 15 visits. We will also have a Gold Star Plus recognition for those that get 15 visits AND log at least 4 of the Home WODs on Beyond The Whiteboard that we will program between July 19th and 25th!

Are you ready to make a change?? There are a lot of components to a good training/fitness program. One of the most important, yet most often overlooked is a solid nutrition plan. Many of us just plan to "work off" whatever we eat, or feel as if we eat "pretty clean, for the most part". The problem with this thinking is that in the "work it off" model, it just simply is a bad strategy for meeting your fitness and wellness goals. Junk in = junk out (in the form of energy, workout performance, and body composition). The problem with the "eating clean, for the most part" strategy is that there are many variables and if you aren't tracking then you really have no idea what/how much you are eating. Which brings us to another big issue: how much should I eat to support my exercise? There is a ton of advice out there on these subjects, and it can get very confusing.   But fear not! We have developed a nutrition program to help our members reach their goals, and it's called Paladin Fuel. We know there is a serious need for guidance in this area, so we have developed this program!   The goal of Paladin Fuel is to provide individualized nutrition guidance and accountability in a way that is sustainable, effective, and uncomplicated. But don't confuse that for easy and effortless. You will need to commit to the program in order to see and feel the results that you are looking for.   This is different than challenges that we've done in the past in several ways. Instead of being given a list of "good" and "bad" foods, most foods will be on the table, so to speak (but higher quality food=higher quality results!). -You will be given individualized targets, based on your personal factors, for overall calorie consumption and macro nutrients, and these targets will depend on your goals. For example, someone who's top priority is better performance (you know- faster, stronger, more stamina, etc) and perhaps would like to lose 5-10 pounds in the process will have a different daily target than someone of similar size but who's top priority is to lose 20+ pounds. -You will be checked on daily to monitor your progress and adherence to the program. #accountability -Your targets will be adjusted every few weeks based on progress. -You will have the ability to ask any and all questions about what/when/how to eat. -You will have access to a "support group" with other members where tips, recipes, and probably some laughs will be shared.   Sound like something you are interested in? Ask yourself if you're willing to agree to the following: -Follow the program, regardless of circumstances. No Excuses. -Weigh/measure and log every single bit of food and drink that you consume. -Be accountable EVERY DAY by sending your logs in daily.   It should be noted that due to the nature of this program, we are only able to accept 6 members at any given time. We will place you on a wait list if we are full at your time of inquiry.   We have been testing it for a few months now on several different subjects with different goals, and we're seeing great results!   The cost of the program is $299 for 3 months. If you feel a shorter term is more appropriate, we also have an 8 week program for $219.* If this sounds like something you are interested in, email It will be first committed, first on the program, so don't delay! *The payments can be split into monthly payments and paid for over the course of the program, but the first payment is due at the time the program begins, and any remaining payments will be billed each month on or around the same day. If not paid in full at start of program, autopay must be set up using a credit/debit card. The payments can be split into as many months as you are signing up for, ex.- 3 month program can be split into 3 payments (2 x $100, 1 x $99), the 8 week can be split into 2 payments of $109.50.  

May flew by and was very busy for many of us, but we had a good number of members manage to attain the super status of Gold Star Club!   Jenny Balko- 25 visits Brandon Burleson- 23 visits Desirae Quijada- 22 visits Cameron Smith- 22 visits Justin Kime- 22 visits Diana Smith- 21 visits Shannon Galyean- 21 visits Yessie Foster- 20 visits   Congrats to you all for getting it done!

Here are April's Gold Star Attendance club members (remember, if you have 20 visits or more in the month, you are awarded Gold Star status)! Cameron Smith- 24 visits Jenny Balko- 23 visits Brandon Burleson- 22 visits Desirae Quijada- 21 visits Mikela Bryant- 21 visits Shannon Galyean- 21 visits Kyle Galyean- 20 visits   Congrats to these men and women for finding a way to get those workouts in! Consistency pays off!   Side note- make sure to sign in for class, either using the app on your phone or the iPad on the bookshelf once you get here. If you have any trouble, let the coach know. It will probably increase your odds of making the club if you are signed in for class...

March attendance was a little off due to the Open and whatnot (and not everybody signed in when they came to do the Open workout during group times), but we still had a good number of people get to or beyond that 20 visit mark, and several new Paladins made it! Congrats to you!!! Gold Star for March: Garrott Nalle-  29 visits Kyle Galyean-  24 visits Diana Smith-  24 visits Erica Clark-  23 visits Kendra Hendrick- 23 visits Stephanie Fisher-  22 visits Shannon Galyean-  22 visits Brandon Burleson-  22 visits Cameron Smith-  21 visits Carrie Penney-  21 visits Arley Bonin-  20 visits Nathan Lashaway- 20 visits Jenny Balko- 20 visits   Great job, guys!! Remember, be sure to check in every time you come to workout! Multiple visits in a day count, as long as they are separate visits (come to a morning class and evening class=2 visits, come to 4:30p and stay through the 5:30 and even 6:30p=1 visit)

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