1) Show up. Everyday. Work hard (PR YOUR TECHNIQUE EVERDAY)

2) When Melissa/CK say: “It’s gonna be AWESOME,” never believe them. EVER.

3) Burpees suck. Always

4) Introduce yourself to people you don’t know. ¬†Cheer on and encourage your classmates!

5) When looking at the WOD, don’t add up the total reps. Never do the math. Just do the WOD.

6) Read Murph’s story.

7) You may bleed, rip your palms, your shins, your chin, crack your teeth (try not to!) but consider it a

free gift.

8) Crying AND cussing are perfectly acceptable, QUITTING IS NOT.

9) Nobody judges you if you are last but everyone judges you if you cheat!

10) You pay us to train you, do your best to be trainable. (aka, please listen to our coaches).

11) Please clean up after yourselves. (Refer to rule # 7)

12) We’re glad you’re here. Try to be happy when you are here!

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