Ever wanted to compete in CrossFit?  Ever wondered how far you could push yourself?  Ever wanted more lifting and skill work?


This program will have anything you could want, and more.

Me: “Do you have to be ‘advanced’ to join A.T.P?”

Coach to Me: “No, but you have to be willing to work hard and recognize where you need to scale back, or push harder, just like anything else.”

We are transitioning our Competitors Programming from CompTrain to Paladin A.T.P. There are several reasons for this, a few of them are to get back to more of a “true” CrossFit method of programming (constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity), while still having some extra strength training and skill development, and to have the programming be a little easier to complete each day within an hour to an hour and a half. CompTrain definitely provided some great improvements for many that followed it, but it also left out a lot of movements and often took hours to complete. Our goal with A.T.P is to include a wide variety of workouts and movements, while keeping the program volume appropriate for what our members need and have time for. Oh, and get our competitors back in the regular classes, which is so much more fun for everyone!

*Please note- those of you that were following CompTrain were accustomed to rest days on Thursdays and Sundays. We will program for the entire week, except Sunday. Thursday will be “lighter” so that may be a good time to make up a day missed earlier in the week. But please listen to your body. If it’s telling you it needs a rest day, take a day off. Just don’t let one day turn into 3 or 4…

Some FAQ’s:

Q.) How much does it cost?

A.) $15/person, $20/couple if you sign up by April 30th, after that it will be $20/person, $30/couple. This is per month, in addition to your regular membership.

Q.) How do I sign up?

A.) Talk to Melissa or Jasper.

Q.) I just started CrossFit, can I do it?

A.) Possibly… But it’s best to have a good understanding of the fundamentals before jumping into this. But give it a couple months and see where you’re at!

Q.) How would this benefit me?

A.) It will provide more volume and opportunity to improve, especially those wishing to compete in the sport of CrossFit.

Q.) Do I need to do this to get a good workout?

A.) Absolutely not. Our regular daily programming is perfect if you want to stay healthy, active, and improve your general fitness. This is for those that would like to accelerate their improvement, and be competitive in CrossFit.

Q.) How much longer will I need to spend each day to complete this program?

A.) Our goal is to have a program that can be completed in about an hour and a half or less most days. Now of course, the more you chit chat and lollygag between lifting sets, or the longer you take to actually start warming up, the longer it will take to finish.

Q.) When the board says something like “1 high hang snatch + 1 hang snatch” does that mean I should do squat or power?

A.) Squat. If we want you to do anything other than squat when it comes to snatches and cleans, we will specify it. Same goes for jerks- if it says jerk, assume it means split jerk unless otherwise specified. You know you’ll be better for it. *There is an exception when it comes to WOD’s, for instance “Isabel” can be performed whatever way you wish, unless we specify otherwise. But when it comes to lifting/strength, when in doubt- squat.

Q.) If the board says “4 x 8 back squats, across”, what does that mean?

A.) It means 4 sets of 8 back squat, use the same weight for each set. If it happens to say “increasing” or “climbing” instead of across, that means you will increase weight on each set.

Q.) If muscle ups (or some other movement that I can’t do) are programmed, should I just skip it?

A.) Absolutely not. Find Melissa or Jasper and ask what scaling option or drill would be best that day.

Q.) There are 5 sets of 15 GHD situps programmed, this one time I did 10 GHD’s and it was no big deal. I should just do all 75 today, right?

A.) NOOOOO. You must slowly increase your volume over several weeks. If you haven’t had much experience with the GHD, 3 sets of 10 is a good place to start. Stick with that for a few times, then increase to 4 sets of 10 for a few times, then try 3 sets of 15, etc until you’ve gradually acclimated your body to the higher volume over several (6+) weeks.

Q.) I really love (fill in the blank with your favorite movements), but really hate (fill in the blank with your least favorite movements), can I just skip the things I don’t like and just work on the things I love?

A.) Sure! But we all know that is not going to help you improve, so do all the things- even the ones you hate. Who knows, with enough work they may actually become things you love!

Q.) I’m really short on time today, what should I do?

A.) Pick the element that you need the most work on and do that. *An exception can be made occasionally if you’ve had a rough day/week/etc and need a pick-me-up, then do the fun one! Just make sure you choose that option sparingly.

Q.) Can I come to a morning class and do some of the items on the agenda, and then come back in the evening to finish?

A.) Absolutely.

Q.) Can I just follow the programming on my own and not pay extra?

A.) Please don’t do this. We put a lot of time into the programming, and it takes more resources. We always try to be more than fair with our pricing and services. Please be understanding and respectful of that. We will add the plan to your monthly payment if you are using the program, even if occasionally.

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