We believe everyone is able to be, and would love to be, a part of CrossFit if they only knew what it was. ¬†There are sometimes questions, concerns, and misconceptions about what CrossFit really is. These questions are easier to answer in person or over the phone. Please browse our site and check out all the posted information. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Most importantly, find out for yourself! Don’t miss out on this amazing experience that can change your life because someone else talked you out of it. Take charge of your life and come see us today!



When you become a member at our gym, you aren’t just getting a great place to work out; you are joining a great community. You are getting committed coaches who work hard to help you reach your goals. We are here to not only answer any questions you might have about fitness, but also to help you navigate the confusing world of nutrition. We care deeply about your success with us. The end result of success for you is health. What better result can you ask for? Health for you means so many things but to name a few: longer, happier, more functional lives, more confidence and a better self-image (feel better about yourself!). You’ll have more energy, and there’s no doubt, your clothes will fit better!


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